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Succinct and beautiful words to this song:

I don't want to be the one who's old before their time,
And lose the wonder that I felt as a child.
I can't run this race believing I might lose;
There's still so much to see, and so much left to do.
Yes, I'll fall before I fly,
But no one can say I never tried.

Oh, we just get one ride around the sun,
In this dream of time.
It goes so fast that one day we look back,
And we ask, was that my life?

I close my eyes and think how lucky I have been,
To hold the ones I love and share my dreams with them.
All those sunny days and all those starry skies
Good morning kisses and sweet good nights.
Oh, I can't tell them enough,
Just how much that they are loved.

We just get one ride around the sun,
In this dream of time.

It goes so fast that one day we look back,
And we ask, oh, was that my life?

Oh, was that my life rollin' on by?
Oh, rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin' on by.
Was that my life?
Oh, was that my life?


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It's gremlins lol. I'll add it back later when I get the YT link. :p
Yes, must of been those pesky gremlins.

I really have no clue what happened to your post.

Can I send you a PM @Dave?


Revisiting my younger days when I saw Judas Priest numerous times - the British Steel Album was one of their finest and the track Metal Gods is taken from that album. The amazing thing about these guys is that they were still gigging when they were all in their late 60s and early 70s when this video was made. Sadly Glen Tipton the guitarist on the right in the video can no longer play as he has become a victim of Parkinson's Disease; that, for him must be a great tragedy as much as it is to all of us who loved this band back in the day and even until this day and beyond. If you like Heavy Metal Rock music then you will most likely enjoy this:

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Just listening to some very old songs from when I was younger. Currently listening to Kickstarts by Example


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