Toe surgery


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I am currently off my feet for the most part due to a recent toenail removal surgery. I will spare the gross parts. I had to go to a podiatrist to get it done on Wednesday. I have a turned leg at my hip that causes my right foot to be turned and not straight like my left foot, it pushes a lot of my weight onto that right big toe so it has been an issue my entire life. Hopefully this is the fix. It does not hurt at all, which is not what I expected. So that is some good news, but I won't be able to exercise on it for a while. I was using daily walking for 30-40 minutes to help with mood issues (bipolar 1) and to lose weight, and it was going well until about 3 weeks ago. Now this. But I hope to heal without infection and be back to it this fall, after the ragweed season here. I have a positive attitude about it, even though it is a set-back.


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Glad your surgery went well, it is good that your toe is no llonger sore.

Your recovery sounds like it is going well, which is also good.

I bet you are missing your daily walks. I know the outdoors is really good at raising mood. I feel better eveb if I just sit in the garden.