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Someone asked me the other day if id ever saved someone’s life. I had to stop and think about that question, most people are asking whether you have had to do cpr (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) on someone and work in an active resuscitation, which I have on several occasions, but there are other times where if you don’t intervene , the casualty will die, of those I have done so many that I cant remember. I’ve saved so many that I cant remember now how many over 12 years of service. It is a great feeling to know that someone s child , lover, mum or dad or grandma will now have chance to live again after an intervention, however there are more times where you are rendering aid to people that are not necessarily going to die, is that any less valid? I don’t think that there is any difference in my attitude to treating someone whether its potentially life threatening or not, the person is in need of aid, physical and emotional and that is what I am committed to giving. I view it as a great privilege that I have the skills to help people who are in distress whether I am in an ambulance or the hospital or pre hospital setting it is something that I love doing and get a lot of satisfaction from.

As to whether you can only save lives in an ambulance on duty, well people don’t call me the **** magnet for nothing, I’ve saved a great many lives when off duty, I just seem to always be there at the right time usually when there’s no chance of an ambulance turning up any time soon. I carry a medical kit with me most of the time now and I’ve used it on many occasions. I’ve also saved lives whilst a member of the local search and rescue unit and though I’m embarrassed about it I’ve been awarded the meritorious service commendation for bravery as a result of my actions on several occasions, which I find doubly embarrassing as I’m a confirmed coward lol. I just saw people in need and did what needed to be done to save them. If you didn’t know me you may be forgiven for thinking that this is bragging but those who know me will appreciate how shy I am as a person and know what a big thing it is to even talk about it.

So is the aim just to save lives? or is life saving the be all and end all and other interventions are not to be valued as they are less glamorous? By no means, if a person is in need and you render aid I feel that it is of great value to that person what ever the condition and I try to maintain the same level of engagement and commitment no matter what the situation before me brings.

Well I hope that this is a helpful insight on how I view the subject of service wether its saving lives or putting a plaster on a childs knee. talk soon
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This is a good read John.

I think you, and everybody else in the ambulance service are heroes.

You should be proud of yourself.

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