Post-natal depression


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Our child was born 18 months ago and it should have been the happiest of times. This perfectly healthy and happy bundle came into our lives and completed our family.

But since then my partner has really struggled with her self esteem and I strong believe this is linked to NPD. She went to the doctor and talked about it. They were no help. Her mother has her own challenges. No help. Maternity leave removed an obvious support network from other mothers she knew well. No help. It fell to me.

And I struggled.

When someone feels down it's tough to build them up. Quite awfully her struggles with self-esteem caused issues with us. I got tired of her putting herself down. I avoided talking. It got worse.

We're over the worst of it now. Things are slowly improving but it's taking time to recover.

Any suggestions on what I can do to improve things?


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Just listen when / if you're partner wants to talk. It is really all you can do. PND is difficult, the emotions, the hormones.

Encourage her to seek help professionally, therapy can be so helpful to people I would really recommend it.


Post natal depression is really the most difficult thing to manage for a family especially the husband. Just when the husband and wife is supposed to receive the baby with warm and love, the sudden occurence of PND to the partner is a shock.

Doctors often prescribe some mood elating medications which are useful, bit the best treatment you can give her is HOME and LOVE. It is usually a transient stage in life and goes away within a year.