People don't fake Mental Illness, they fake being okay.

People do not fake Mental Illness, they fake being okay.​


  • People smile when really, they are dying inside.
  • People say "I am busy" when really, they are suffering mentally.
  • People joke and make others laugh, to mask the feelings of nothing.
  • People empower others in their lown moments because they know what worthlessness feels like.
  • People care for others because they know what it is to struggle in silence.
  • People work hard and manage their workplace responsibilities to collapse when they get home.

Our biggest fears are often becoming a burden on others - so when people do reach out, please do not accuse or dismess them as attention seeking. People need support.


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I couldn't agree more Lee, when people ask how I am doing I just say "I am doing ok". Because I don't want to burden them with all my sorrow, that's what my doctors are for.


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It's a common occurrence when people say, 'how are you?' the automated response is 'fine thanks' even when you're not. The last thing people want to hear is someone else's woes, and that is indicative of the way people are today. I find that a sad stance, we should be able to offer support when and where it's needed, a friendly ear that's willing to listen, because someday we may need someone to offer us support when we need it.

I understand that not everyone lives in their own selfish little bubbles thinking about only themselves, but that instance of isolated bubbles is on the increase and many more people give the appearance of being less caring. If people were to reach out with a friendly hand and a smile on their faces when someone is in need, it will enrich their own lives in ways that may not at first be apparent.

I find one of the most rewarding gifts is when I can put a smile on someone else's face - that is worth more than any material gift and something that lasts a lifetime. People need to revisit the community spirit and rekindle it within themselves and gear up to be more giving and less selfish; I believe very much in 'paying it forward' every good deed should be followed by another. What an amazing world this would be if everyone adopted that attitude.


Agreed. And it's so hard when you haven't been diagnosed yet because, for me, I didn't know what was wrong with me and it was very scary....