Has someone left you due to your depression?


Has anyone left you because of your depression? It can be a girlfriend/boyfriend, friends, family relatives, etc.
How did you cope and move on from it?
I have yet to have this happen to me but I've heard it happens to other people.


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I haven't had people left, I tend to leave before as I 'feel' they couldn't handle it & was harder on me to stay with them. I handle it by remembering we are all individuals & if someone cannot handle something, it doesn't necessarily reflect on me as a person.


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Not had this experience personally, but I know of others who have experienced someone leaving them for a variety of reasons. To me it reflects badly on the person leaving that they could so easily give up on you; deep down it could be that whatever feelings they had for you never really ran deep and were just surface feelings. Someone who genuinely loves you and cares what happens to you will stick with you no matter what. That kind of person is rare to find.

We all have feelings and can be emotionally moved to simmering heights, but just as easily those feelings can take you to the depths of despair and can be viciously wounding. For someone to leave you when you at those lowest depths is tragic, for both them and you. For them because it illustrates how shallow they are and for you because of the trust you placed in them only to have them kick you when you're down. I just hope that no one has to go through that deeply wounding time, ever.


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Sometimes they may leave 'cos they themselves are not mature enough to handle it at that time. Mental & physical illness is hard for people to understand. I don't think all of them would be shallow; they just are scared. Those people may be the same ones who push aside their own health issues. It's what they know.