Article about whether people should keep pets


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It's all very well saying "don't keep pets" but what do you do with the pets you already have if nobody has pets any more? Put them to death simply cause they are unwanted? Let them go and have them die on the streets?


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Pets are more than just animals; they are members of our families and they are loved and cherished members. Pets help to create a sense of emotional stability and they exude an aura of simple needs that we are more than happy to cater to.

My only caveat to keeping pets is your own ability to look after them. For example, I would love to have another dog (a Beagle) but I know that I wouldn't be able to look after it the way it would need looking after. That would not be fair to the dog, nor fair to me as I would feel guilty for not being able to walk it several times a day and give it some quality play time. So, there are, as always with everything we do, pluses and minuses.

I am also averse to those who mistreat animals out of sheer cruelty - I would have them shot if it were legal. Pets are wonderful, caring, and loving creatures who look to us for comfort and caring, all they want is some of the love back that they give. They are our friends and family.


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If it were a perfect world, all creatures would be free to roam. But it's not. We have backyard breeders, shelters filled to the brim. If people didn't have pets & gave them good homes, many more would be put down. I agree with you @Dave I too don't care for abuse of animals (it's why I will only eat organic too, I don't approve of factory farms, they ARE creatures too).
Articles like this you take with a grain of salt.