Any of you guys get hallucinations?


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My doctor has me on new meds and my depression is 90% better but I have been dealing with a lot more hallucinations. But I talked to my doctor yesterday and explained to him what's going on and he said its normal when switching meds and it will even out when I am totally off my old med and 100% on the new med. How about you? Any of you guys get hallucinations?


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I do, but usually auditory hallucinations. When having pani attacks I quite often hear things that aren't really there.


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I used to repeatedly see what I could only describe as a 'ghost'.

I would often walk home from school and see a man in his 50s/60s standing on a street corner, outside a church. He would always be wearing the same thing, a flat cap, a beige long coat, and grey trousers.

Totally normal you'd think, but something always unnerved me about him, so I once asked my friend whether he had any bad vibes from him and he couldn't see him. I initially dismissed it as him ****ing about, but he was absolutely serious.

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