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    A happy story.

    My job puts me in the unique position where I deal with mental health - depression frequently - yet I have nothing in the way of mental health training. One day, a few years ago I was walking through the town with my girlfriend at the time when I man approached me. He said, "excuse me, I'm...
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    Such a difficult thing. I want to share something I wrote on my personal blog called 'These things happen': One thing I found was that all the support went to Mum. I get it. She carried baby for three months. She nurtured that life. She went through the physical trauma of child loss. But...
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    Post-natal depression

    Our child was born 18 months ago and it should have been the happiest of times. This perfectly healthy and happy bundle came into our lives and completed our family. But since then my partner has really struggled with her self esteem and I strong believe this is linked to NPD. She went to the...
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    I'm a man. I'm 42 years old. I'm supposed to be 'manly' and strong. I cannot suffer with my mental health. At least, that's what society tells me - whilst at the same time telling me its okay to cry. Its okay to be upset. Its ok to struggle with my mental health. Despite the overt support...
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    Hello one and all.

    Hi, I'm Al. Having battled depression before and with a partner who suffered with - I believe - undiagnosed post-natal depression I'm hoping I can gain some understanding from and perhaps help some of you fine folk. Good to be here - it's good to talk.