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  1. DudeThatsErin

    A happy story.

    That is awesome. i'm glad you have such an awesome story to tell! It is so nice that he came up to you later, also.
  2. DudeThatsErin

    Article Discussion I am a man and I have anxiety.

    Yeah, it sucks that this is a thing... I really wish people wouldn't put mental health only on women... men and women both have the same issues.
  3. DudeThatsErin

    Names A-Z

    I think you went back in time... we are at P... Paul
  4. DudeThatsErin

    Last thing you ate?

    I went to BJs which is a local restaurant and ate chicken fingers, fries, some chips and a pazooki. It was delicious. Now I'm just drinking water. I may have a sandwich tonight but I doubt it.
  5. DudeThatsErin

    One positive thing each day.

    I got to spend the day with my husband in a good mood rather than a bad one.
  6. DudeThatsErin

    What is playing right now?

    I'm listening to my husband's youtube video (no idea which one) and my sister watching some videos from Facebook.
  7. DudeThatsErin

    Names A-Z

  8. DudeThatsErin

    Last thing you ate?

    Today the last thing I ate was Peanut Butter Toast. Yummy! Oh wait no, it was the chocolate chip cookie, I ate after that lol Still yummy!
  9. DudeThatsErin

    C/W: Self Harm When did you realize you were self-harming?

    I appreciate that. I'm glad there is someone else out there who understands (besides my husband). It was hard but I have gotten through it. :)
  10. DudeThatsErin

    How did you know you had depression?

    I'm glad you figured out you had it though! I hope you have been able to get it treated. It, honestly, sounds like how I figured out I had it.
  11. DudeThatsErin

    Not looking forward to my next ear infection...

    I get these annually... so it is only a matter of time until I get it again. I can't remember the last ear infection I had, I think it was 2019 so I believe it is any day now that I'll get my next one. The last one I had was bad though cause I went to a CVS Minute Clinic and the dr wouldn't...
  12. DudeThatsErin

    What are you thinking about right now? (Light hearted posts only please!)

    I'm hungry but I am in my intermittent fasting phase of the day. I can't eat til 1 or 2 and it is 9:40am. I am also sore from my workout yesterday Plus I have a scratch on the side of my hand that is incredibly itchy.
  13. DudeThatsErin

    What is the worst thing you have ever eaten?

    For me, it was mushrooms and tofu. Both are gross. I cannot stand them. What about you?
  14. DudeThatsErin

    What is the worst tasting drink you have ever had?

    Anything pickle-juice related or protein shakes. EWWW. I can't stand them. What about you?
  15. DudeThatsErin

    What is one drink that you can't stop drinking?

    For me it is a sprite. No matter what I do, I can't stop drinking it. I have found a whole foods alternative that has no sodium and no high fructose corn syrup and I love it just as much but I can't stop drinking it. What about you?
  16. DudeThatsErin

    What is your favorite food and one that you can binge?

    For me, it is anything related to pasta or starches. I could binge them so much. What about you?
  17. DudeThatsErin

    Do you have a favorite recipe?

    My favorite recipe is my chocolate chip cookie recipe. They come out so tasty and I can't wait to make them again. I'm going to make them as a housewarming present when I am able to move out of my parents home after I get my IT job. I can't wait for that to happen.
  18. DudeThatsErin

    How are you exercising during the quarantine?

    I use Chloe Ting's workout challenges to stay healthy and keep exercising. She has great workout plans that work well with my life during the quarantine and the millions of people doing it with me, helps me not feel so alone while working out. I have lost another 10lbs since I started her...
  19. DudeThatsErin

    How do you stay healthy?

    I have been doing my best to eat healthily and exercise. I haven't exercised for about a month but now I am getting back into it. I use Chloe Ting to stay in shape, her exercises and plans are fantastic. As far as eating healthy, that is hard but I try to only eat a small amount and eat...
  20. DudeThatsErin

    Last thing you ate?

    I had a premade meal with a sprite. I'm hungry again so I'm not sure what I will eat for dinner.
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